Three Arks. Two Worlds. One Chance At Survival

On an Earth with a dying Sun, there are two kinds of people.

The Chosen.

And the left behind.

We thought it was over. We thought we had lost. A burnt out star left us without enough warmth to thrive, our days as a species were numbered. But then, then a miracle happened. We received a transmission from an alien civilization that scanned our Sun and knew we needed help.

So they threw us a life raft in the form of designs for Space Arks, we built 3. Interstellar capable, with pre-programmed coordinates to bring us to their home world, a place we were told could be called home. 100,000 humans per Ark, chosen to represent the best in us, a last ditch effort to save humanity. Do I trust these aliens? hell no. but what choice do we have? Paulson’s the name, Caleb Paulson, you can think of me as the architect of this mission.

We’re heading to this alien system with no idea what lies ahead. As for the billions who were not so fortunate? The ones who did not receive an invitation aboard the arks? We left them to shepherd a lawless and desperate earth, poor bastards.

This stable of arks is humanity's last chance to endure.

We Thought It Was Over...
Meet the Dreamers
Who imagined this crazy world, and brought it to life.

Mind Blowingly Fresh Sci-fi- SCREENRANT

Get to Know The Characters
The worlds our dreamers build are only as good as the characters they imagine who inhabit them. Meet a slew of our favorite characters from this tale.

As the sun dimmed and the world crept closer to destruction, Dr. Paulson created a system, a method for predicting behavior patterns among large groups of people who are forced to adapt to new environments.  His method caught the interest of the influential elite, including Crenshaw.  Paulson was brought in to help oversee the implementation of the Ark’s Passenger Selection System.  He is cold, calculating, and cunning.  Used to being right in his predictions, he has fittingly developed a bit of a god complex.

A mysterious young prodigy and her bot companion.  This unlikely duo seems to be the best equipped to face the desolate future they are left with.  One of these two holds the key to salvation, but will they be willing to pay the price for it?

Beautiful and charming, this brilliant geologist might not be everything she presents herself to be.  “Doctor” Colquit comes with a suitcase full of skeletons which she is determined to keep hidden.

Danny, a deadbeat drunk who was just wasting away with the atrophying Earth, got lucky.  He won the lottery–namely, a “Golden Ticket” to board one of the Astral Arks.  Five hundred Golden Tickets were issued in total, each coming with a “plus one”--and more importantly a second chance at life.  Danny used his plus one on his estranged teenage daughter, Jordan, whom he hadn’t seen or spoken with since he walked out on her when she was a baby.  This might just be the one good thing he’s ever done in his life.  Jordan, however, detests her father, and thinks that he is the last person to deserve a second chance.

Following his heart, the prince of Astral decided to dedicate his life to protecting the people closest to him when he didn’t board the Ark.  Knowing full well his fate was sealed when he didn’t travel with his father, Eric chose to spend the time he knew he had left with the people who mattered most, by becoming the king of a dying world.

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