Mohamed Samah
Samah is an accomplished graphic designer and illustrator hailing all the way from the Maldives, known for bringing a unique vision to the world of visual storytelling. Having lent his artistic talents to a diverse range of comics, Samah has contributed to well-known titles such as "Mutant Cats," "Remnant," "Moonbird," and provided lettering for "The Fifth Force." His versatility is showcased in the full lettering duties for the highly-anticipated "Chupacabra: Tales of Blood and Ink,". In addition to his impressive portfolio, Samah has collaborated with the renowned American DJ and music producer, Steve Aoki, on his "HiroQuest - Genesis & Double Helix,". He has also worked on the comic FAST54 by Super Bowl champion linebacker Bobby Wagner (Seattle Seahawks), using multimedia storytelling to engage and inspire the community to learn about the signs of stroke. Samah is consistently pushing boundaries with fresh ideas on visual storytelling with innovative design techniques and attention to detail. Currently collaborating on several exciting projects with Hero Projects, Samah is well on his way to making his mark in the industry. With a passion for bringing his unique artistic vision to the forefront, Samah is eagerly anticipating new and exciting projects.
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