About Gungnir
At GUNGNIR, we believe the right stories deserve to be discovered. 

We believe creators deserve a spotlight, a gateway to the broad, energized audiences hungry for journeys of inspiration, tales of might, and sagas of magnitude… adventures that challenge and delight.

We live the attitude of punk rock, manifested by the power of subversive storytelling. GUNGNIR is the tip of the spear. 

Everyone at GUNGNIR shares these ideals, and our mission is not to conform to platforms or genres but to redefine them. When a story needs to be told, it must be told!

Break the norms. Resist the machine. Have the time of your life. That's the GUNGNIR way. Until now, publishing has been a fortified castle, walled tight, its gates sealed. GUNGNIR demands new blood and we’re here to draw it.  We’ll cut through decades of entrenched norms to support our next generation of dreamers and thinkers while empowering them to dream deeper and imagine greater.

Like our namesake, GUNGNIR, the staff of Odin the All-Father, we will create and guard a new realm, tending to an unprecedented sandbox for legends old and new. We will provide an ecosystem where complex ideas can be developed, nurtured, and brought to life. 

GUNGNIR knows that today's fresh creators are 21st Century philosophers, provocateurs, and mythmakers.. Their voices, ideas, and inspired views of society will ignite the conversations that shape tomorrow. We're here to stand watch as new worlds grow. The first and best defense against the mundane dark might seem like a blade. 

But at GUNGNIR...we know the right story can cut even deeper
Our team
It takes a village
to bring a vision to the world.
Meet the incredible people who make GUNGNIR possible.
Steve Orlando
Executive Editor

Best known for MIDNIGHTER, BATMAN/THE SHADOW, WONDER WOMAN and SCARLET WITCH, Steve Orlando is a GLAAD, Ringo, and Eisner nominated writer, and Harvey Award winning editor and localizer. His comics work has appeared under the DC, Marvel, Image, Aftershock, IDW, BOOM!, and Ablaze banners—and more. As a food writer, he’s written for Epicurious. Outside of comics as well, he’s written for Cartoon Network’s BEN 10, as well as having been featured in National Geographic Magazine. In 2021, he teamed with AMC and SHUDDER’s the Boulet Brothers to take over HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE. In 2023, he launched FEEDING DANGEROUSLY with award-winning chef and humanitarian Jose Andres at TKO Studios.

Jim Krueger
Editor In Chief

Krueger wrote the twelve-issue miniseries Justice with Alex Ross for DC Comics. It was a New York Times Bestseller, and won the Eisner Award for Best Graphic Novel. Kruger was named one of the top ten writers in comics and an innovator in the field by Wizard magazine. Justice #1 also won the Diamond Comic Distributors award for Best Comic Book of the Year. Krueger won two Addy Awards during his first year as a copywriter. A year later he became a creative director at Marvel Comics, and has since become a freelance comic book writer/property creator. His original works include The Foot Soldiers, Alphabet Supes, The Clock Maker, The Runner, The High Cost of Happily Ever After and The Last Straw Man. Krueger's other work for Marvel Comics includes the Earth X trilogy with Alex Ross, Avengers, X-Men and Avengers/Invaders. Krueger and Alex Ross re-teamed on Project Superpowers for Dynamite Entertainment. Krueger's comics work for other publishers includes Star Wars, The Matrix Comics, Micronauts, Galactic, Batman, and Capone vs. Dracula. He was a contributing writer for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics, writing "Safe", the story in issue #24 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, which received an Outstanding Comic Book award in the 2010 GLAAD Awards.

Paul Reed
Head Of Marketing

With over a decade of experience in the live events and music industry, Paul is a seasoned professional specializing in both paid and organic digital marketing. His extensive resume includes collaborations with some of the nation's largest festivals and high-profile celebrity clients, including Shaquille O'Neal, Rob Gronkowski, Daymond John, and others. Beyond his work with diverse clients, Paul is a founder of BLNK CNVS, an event and experience company based in Florida. BLNK CNVS is known for hosting meticulously curated events in prominent cities such as Miami, Nashville, Jacksonville,

Tracey Daniels

Tracey Daniels is the Founder of Media Masters Publicity Consultants. Tracey has more than 28 years of public relations and marketing experience targeted to the publishing arena. Tracey focuses on managing successful, best-selling, award-winning publicity campaigns and author tour strategies. She has worked with graphic novel publishers including First Second and Andrews McMeel.

Frazier Dodek
Chief Of Staff / Publishing Manager

Frazier is an Ithaca College graduate with a television and digital media degree class of 2023. He interned and worked for Matt at Hero Projects in the Ithaca College Los Angeles program during the spring semester of 2023. He is now working here at Gungnir as the Chief of Staff taking care of all the backend work.

Maxwell Jones
Media Host

You can catch Maxwell on the world famous Z100 in New York, weekday afternoons from 2-6pm and on iHeartRadio’s heritage Top 40 radio station, WNCI 97.9 in Columbus, OH. He is also heard on across the country as a member of iHertRadio’s national Custom Talent on-air team. Conducting interviews with stars like Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, and more, he has proven to be one of the most sought after in the industry. A true friend of the stars. Maxwell has also seen time in in front of the camera when teaming up with Nick Cannon on the “TeenNick Top 10 Countdown”, as co-host for the television show and also entertained on Nickelodeon’s “Nick Radio!” And if you're a festival goer catch Maxwell hosting the Toyota Den stages at the likes of Bonnaroo, III Points, Outsidelands, Lollapalooza and more! Maxwell’s GUNGNIR live streaming show will start in March! Stay tuned for more details!

"When Copernicus said The sun was not the center of the universe, everyone called it fiction.

When JFK said we were going to the moon, it had only been dreamed of in asimov's works.

And when Sagan looked to the stars and saw more than just what our solar system had to offer, the world said "are you sure?"

Because when it comes to it.
All science started as fiction.