Morgan Rosenblum
Morgan Rosenblum is the Chief Creative Officer of Hero Projects, a story-based content marketing company and animation studio. There he leads all creative projects and manages a team of talented writers, artists, and animators in building and developing original IPs for fortune 100 companies, agencies, and celebrities (NFL, Disney, Sony, Live Nation, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Shaggy). Morgan is an accomplished world-builder and versatile creative director who is adept in narrative, visual, and experiential storytelling. He understands how to adapt stories across multiple mediums and execute his vision. Morgan is also a best-selling graphic novelist and award-winning writer, with over a dozen published titles to his name (via Dark Horse, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, Heavy Metal, and WhatNot). He is represented by The Gotham Group and The Gersh Agency for TV and Film writing, and Sanford J. Greenburger for prose novel writing. In 2012, he founded Darkrose Studios to serve as the creative hub for all of his original projects and IPs. He has raised over $1.7M to fund his various creative endeavors, with the goal of turning them into franchisable IPs that can be licensed and further developed for Video games, TV/Film, and more. Formerly the Managing Editor & Creative Director of Heavy Metal Magazine, Morgan served as the narrative and visual lead for the iconic illustrated anthology magazine and its comics, as well as having art directed over 20 covers during his time there. Having worked as a Creative Producer & Associate Creative Director for Betterdays Media, Morgan understands live action production and brand-building in the advertising arena. On a personal level, Morgan is a family man who has a strong set of values and principles. He’s also fiercely loyal, evident by his unwavering support for his favorite football team, the New York Jets.
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