Mutant Cats
Flux, a cat supervisor at Mutant Labs, and his team grapple with interdimensional chaos after their groundbreaking energy project backfires, leading to a whirlwind of cosmic mishaps and personal crises, where saving the universe and their own lives becomes a comically tangled adventure.

Flux is your everyday guy, just with a few more whiskers. Marginalized by his litterhead of a boss, who constantly puts him in unwinnable situations, Flux tries to balance being a good supervisor with being a good person (or cat) in general.  Unfortunately, his work has cost him.  Love's got nine lives, but Flux's marriage might be on its last one. 

Then there's Muse, Flux's chief engineer. Genius? Check. Spine? Currently missing. He's got enough brains to build a spaceship, but can't muster the courage to text back his crush.

And don't forget Sphinky, the intern with the speed of a sloth and potential of a panther. She's got ideas that could change the world, if only someone would notice her between coffee runs. 

Welcome to Mutant Labs: a tech giant that’s part Google, part Hogwarts. Here, rocket science is kid stuff, and gene splicing is just your average Tuesday. And yes, they do the weird interdimensional energy stuff too.

The gang's latest project? The Cluster: a gizmo that's part renewable energy wonder, part cosmic Pandora's box. Imagine a ball of yarn, if that ball of yarn could power Times Square. It's made from this funky synthetic thread that taps into alternate realities. Neat, right?

But greatness comes with a side of ego. The bigwigs at Mutant Labs want the Cluster yesterday. So Flux, Muse, and Sphinky are cutting corners faster than a kid with safety scissors. Bad idea when you're messing with the fabric of the universe.

One oopsie-daisy later, and bam! They've torn a hole in space-time. Now they're up to their whiskers in trouble, dealing with apes that have a thing against bananas and a transdimensional monster affectionately named Mukonga.

But hey, every cosmic cloud has a silver lining. If Flux can untangle this interdimensional knot, he might just salvage his marriage. Muse might finally grow a backbone. And Sphinky? She's on the cusp of revealing what she's truly capable of, and it's not all sunshine and catnip. As the quiet intern steps into an unexpected power, she's about to turn Kitty City's world upside down – and not everyone's going to land on their feet.

As dimensions crash and collide, they're stuck in the ultimate cluster fu@%. It's a wild, wacky ride where fixing one problem means three more pop up, like some multi-dimensional game of whack-a-mole. Can Flux and his ragtag team restore order?

Grab some popcorn and watch as they try to save the universe, one hilarious misstep at a time.

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Meet the Dreamers
Who imagined this crazy world, and brought it to life.

"A Cluster of Calamities" Jim Krueger NYT Best Selling Author

Get to Know The Characters
The worlds our dreamers build are only as good as the characters they imagine who inhabit them. Meet a slew of our favorite characters from this tale.

The Genius with a Caution Tape. As Chief Engineer at Mutant Labs, Muse's brilliance is unquestionable – a true maestro in the world of science, where risks are just part of the equation. However, this daring disappears when he steps out of the lab. In his personal life, he's as risk-averse as they come, leading him to miss out on life's vibrant opportunities. With a mind that thrives under the most intense pressure, Muse remains an oasis of calm in the midst of scientific storms. Yet, this tranquility eludes him in matters of the heart, particularly with his crush, the head of HR. He's a cat on a hot tin roof around her, too timid to express his feelings. Muse's journey is one of balancing his razor-sharp intellect with the courage to leap into the unknown of personal connections.

When it comes to work-life balance, Flux is the feline equivalent of a tightrope walker in a tornado. His dedication to Mutant Labs and his team is unwavering, almost to a fault. He's the unsung hero in the shadows, the one who keeps the wheels turning, even though his boss couldn't pick him out of a lineup. With a talent for taking on mammoth tasks, Flux often finds himself in a labyrinth of his own making. This habit of biting off more than he can chew has spilled over into his personal life, leaving him navigating the treacherous waters of a failing marriage. Flux is the good guy who can't seem to catch a break - for every win at work, there's a loss at home. But as the chaos at Mutant Labs spirals into their biggest fiasco yet, Flux learns the importance of leaning on his friends, understanding that sometimes, the key to solving puzzles lies in sharing the pieces.

The Awkward Intern Turned Power Player. In the bustling labs of Mutant Labs, Sphinky is the intern often lost in the background, her genius hidden behind a veneer of clumsiness and social gaffes. With an intellect that flits between brilliance and blunders, she's as likely to solve a complex problem as she is to create one. But when chaos erupts beyond the lab walls, Sphinky unexpectedly finds herself at the center of a crisis in Kitty City. Her unique ability to communicate with a fearsome interdimensional monster catapults her from an overlooked intern to a pivotal figure in the city's fate. Now, wielding a power that no one else possesses, Sphinky becomes a key player in a much larger arena, her actions and decisions resonating far beyond the confines of Mutant Labs. This transformation marks her journey from obscurity to a position where everyone – friend and foe alike – must pay attention.

The Strong, Silent Type with a Knack for Secrets. As Mutant Labs' PR Manager, Yak is a cat of few words, but his silence speaks volumes. When he does talk, it's with a gravity that commands attention. Yak's personal life is as colorful as his professional demeanor is reserved; he's a magnet for feline attention, and seems to have a way with pussy ... lady cats, that is. The father to 13 kittens from 8 different romantic rendezvous, Yak's renown as Kitty City's Casanova comes with its own price tag: a hefty child support bill that's as impressive as his charm. With over a decade at Mutant Labs, Yak has become a keeper of the company's less-than-glossy secrets. When Flux and the gang land in hot water with their latest experiment, Yak knows just the game plan: keep it quiet, tidy up the mess, and outwit the top brass before they turn a hiccup into a catastrophe. In the tangled web of Mutant Labs' intrigues, Yak is the one who knows where all the bodies are buried.

The No-Nonsense Tech Maverick. Haticus Brown, better known as 'HB,' is the dynamo of Mutant Labs. As the Second Engineer, he’s a whirlwind of efficiency and practical solutions, but don't expect a sugar-coated word from him. His impatience is legendary, and he’s racked up more HR complaints than a porcupine has quills. HB's attitude is as subtle as a sledgehammer, and he’s as likely to ruffle feathers as he is to solve problems. He’s the kind of guy you either adore or abhor – there’s no middle ground. Behind his tough exterior, though, lies a challenge he must overcome: to climb the career ladder and grow personally, HB needs to chip away at his own walls and embrace a dash of empathy. Unbeknownst to his colleagues, HB leads a double life as an e-athlete in the e-sports league, a secret borne from his insecurity over being a 'pseudo athlete.' This hidden passion is just one more layer to a man who is as complex as he is outspoken.

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