Alex Arizmendi aka MFK00
Comic Book Artist, Illustrator and Art Director Originally from Mexico City, he was born in 1976, he is an obsessive of the line and the form, eclectic in theme and style, renegade on the plastic and refugee in the pixel, inspired by complex concepts and fascinated by simple compositions. Dedicated conciliator of order and chaos. Trapped in worlds of brilliant colors, haunted by masked angels, artificial muses, and tiny loves. With more than 20 years of working experience in Entertainment, Editorial, and Advertising all around the world. His COMIC BOOK work has been Published by MARVEL COMICS, ASPEN COMICS, and others Independent Publishers More than 27 year in the Advertisement, Entertainment and Publishing fields Mentioned and awarded in different publications and communities of the graphic industry such as Béhance, IdN magazine, and Advanced Photoshop He has been invited as a lecturer in the principal College and university in Mexico.
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