At the end of Time, Judgement Has it's Jury.

Our story takes place at the last black hole. It is the final destination of all remaining life.  The last ships are docked there. Most of the protons in the universe have decayed into elementary particles. All of the neutron stars are dead. Time is running out. 

The beings that gather are immeasurably powerful, and beyond the comprehension of three dimensionality and the human mind. They have built a planet on which to convene, and a magnificent citadel on its surface, which is a space where they are represented as facets of their true being, in order to be able to communicate with one another on a similar level, and to provide an understandable setting for the reader. 

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Meet the Dreamers
Who imagined this crazy world, and brought it to life.

"A thought provoking epic." -

Get to Know The Characters
The worlds our dreamers build are only as good as the characters they imagine who inhabit them. Meet a slew of our favorite characters from this tale.
The Time Traveler (AKA) The Anomaly

An explorer whose ship fell near the event horizon of the final black hole in the early days of the universe, and time passed them by.  They are now the only survivors of their species, who have been gone for eons.  The other species interact in lower dimensional constructs primarily for the Time Traveler’s benefit, so they can comprehend the other species.  Some of the characters do not think that the time traveler is worthy of sitting at the table, but others see the time traveler as nascent, and thus containing limitless potential.

The Multitude

The final distillation of a gregarious, swarm species that conquers, absorbs, and assimilates other species to grow in power, using a combination of psychic, psionic, and technological prowess. The Multitude believes itself superior to all other forms of life. As such, they strive to bring all life under their banner and assume total control.

The Echo

The only AI representative of a young species who were doomed from an extinction level event.  The echo began as a message sent in a bottle, launched into space, and was alone for the entire history of the universe, lacking  the resources, matter, and  energy to build more of themselves.  The Echo staved off loneliness by splitting themselves into 4 aspects, but as a result are unstable and a bit mad.  Loneliness dominates the forces that shaped the Echo, and it yearns above all for connection.

The Harmony

A peace loving AI that lived in unity with its creators for ages, creating a connective bond between all minds. In its prime, the Harmony was composed of billions of beings that were simultaneously individuals and a collective. The Harmony helped their biological ancestors digitally transcend into a higher form. At the end of time, the Harmony is diminished into a single being.  The Harmony has long sought perfection and purpose through finding a way to be many and yet one all at the same time.

The Neohuman

The final descendant and culmination of all human civilization and evolution. They are vastly powerful, cunning, and have a flair for the dramatic, especially after eons of boredom and loneliness. They are crafty, articulate, and seemingly contradictory; enjoying antagonizing others but also working the hardest to collaborate.  The Neohuman hides their true motivations.

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