The Writers Take #010

The Writers Take #010

Another day, another Writer’s Take.

Today, I’m a day late not because I was lazy, well, laziness is in the eye of the beholder, but because I went to see Oppenhiemer yesterday. It was without a doubt, one of the greatest films to ever be made. I know, you're drooling for my take, so am I, which is why I am going to be writing it for… September 6th!

It’ll be a Barbierhiemer special, as I promised. But as much as I want to go into it, and I am simply blown away by every aspect of the film, I will save it for my take… Ok, ok, OK! Damn, you guys are needy. If I were to do a brief summary here, it would be to lucidly inform you all that the film was the greatest character study on the most important man to ever live.

“Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. For this, he was chained to a rock and tortured for eternity”

We are talking about the man that gave us the power to enrich our lives with near limitless energy and instead, built a bomb to swell a nation's pain. Truly a visceral experience.

Ok, I will stop for now, because if I keep going, Ken will start a Beach Off…

How to Build a World

As I was saying, today, we are going to dive into the formatting and creation of World Building documentation. I was going through some documents for Beyond Kuiper, as John and I finish up Book 2, The Voyage Of The Nomad. I know it’s 3 years pushing on 4 years later, but these books are HARD to write, the science we pour into them is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, or been a part of otherwise.

So, as I was going through documents, mainly to fact-check some of the storylines, I stumbled upon our Planetary Guide, and I thought this week, it could be fun to share something that hasn’t really been seen by the public, unless you bought the extended special edition of the book in the limited second printing run, and is something that almost no one would need to see. But everything in this document is critical for the adventure we wrote.

What you are about to explore comprises original planet design by the incomparable, Luigi Aime. Luigi has designed planets for Lucasfilms, and Disney at large, John and I were lucky enough to get a small sliver of his time to bring the ideas of these planets to life. Within these pages, we calculated the actual mass and radius relative to Earth, and the quantity of moons the planet has. We also showed on a galaxy-spanning map where the planet sat relative to the rest of the galaxy.

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