The Writers Take #006

The Writers Take #006

Ba Ba ba bammm Ba ba ba, Ba Ba Ba bamm ba da da…. If you don’t know what theme song I am humming here then, well then I don’t even know how we are friends. Indiana Jones has been the gold standard in adventure movies since Raiders of the Lost Ark basically invented the genre. The Triple threat of Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford and John Williams imagined the greatest adventure to ever exist in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and has delivered 3 additional stellar installments before Dial Of Destiny.

Oh wait, did you think this week was going to be another helpful tip of writing? Well, if you did, so did I, I have a post planned, on how to think about choosing your artist as a creator/ writer of graphic novels, heck I even alluded to it at the end of the last post, but I went to see Indy on Sunday, and was so upset with the populous narrative about this film being “subpar” or not a great send off of Harrison Ford as Indy, that after leaving the theater thoroughly fulfilled by my favorite archaeologist, I felt it was my patriotic duty to inform you all of the lies your reading in the trades.

With all of that said, we are 100% going to divulge spoilers below. You’ve been warned!

Listen, I am the first to criticize a script, a “send-off movie” “victory laps” the gambit of disingenuous reasons for Hollywood's biggest studios sucking dry the fan bases money with a subpar installment as a money grab. But this isn’t that.  

Since June 12th, 1981 Lucasfilms, Steven Spielberg, and Harrison Ford promised three things. A badass archaeologist, representing nerds of all walks of life’s inner voice, a relic that borders magic but is based on enough historical references that you buy in, and Nazi’s, lots of Nazi’s who are thwarted by Indiana Jones every step of the way. Oh, and of course, the incorporable sensation of sounds by god himself, John Williams.

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