The Writers Take #005

The Writers Take #005

Short, Sweet, and Snackable!

Some could say my meandering style of writing is an art form, (others might just find it extremely annoying, I see you number six) but, no matter how “artistic” you might find the journey you go on each time you dive into this void of consciousness that is the writers take substack, none of it is the art of your book. And today we are going to talk about how to find, review, contact and choose your art style and artist.  

Creating a world and writing a script is hard enough, but when you are pioneering a graphic story, that is only half the battle, the other half, finding the artist to express your world on the page. There are two ways to go about this, the first, hire a seasoned comics editor, who can help in the process, this will allow them to do all the heavy lifting, and that’s that, all done.

Oh wait, you wanted to know how YOU could do it yourself, ok fine, I’ll continue, but I told you last time, I’m getting lazier and lazier with each one of these, but I digress.

First Thing’s First

The first thing to do is to just look at a LOT of art, and I mean A LOT, and spend 20-40 hours just scrolling through art and styles, getting an internal monologue going of what you like, but more importantly what you do not like. This is mission-critical as there are endless styles and artists to choose from. Next, and fortunately for you, you live in 2023, so you have tools at your disposal.

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