The Writers Take #004

The Writers Take #004

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, we are back!

That’s right, The Writers Take is back, and better than ever…

Well, maybe not better than ever, those first two or three posts took me quite some time to write, and if I am being honest with you, I just care less and less each time I sit down to write this thing. That’s why this one is coming out on a Wednesday, instead of our typical Tuesday, well it’s that or it’s Uncle Sam’s fault, all those burgers and dogs, mashed with potatoes and slaw can persuade even the best of us away from our electronics for a day.

Either way, whether it is good ole red, white and blues fault, or my legitimate but tiring excuse we are here now, today, ready to muse along together.

So let’s discuss, or at least pose… can one really discuss things when talking to a blank piece of paper... but alas, pontification is the name of today’s topic.

The story of the one and only, SANDMAN, by Neil Gaiman.

Musings on Inspiration

This is the holy grail, the perspective book, to end all perspective books. If it sounds like I'm fan-girling at the prospect of even the mention of Sandman, that’s because I am, if you’re not, then I misjudged your character, and you can leave this substack. As a writer there are few works that really just get you thinking, “Well shit, that was untouchable.”

For me, it's the works of Tolkien, the world-building, the language creation, and the lore. Few people really understand how much Tolkien created, the density of his writings was a feat unto themselves.

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