The Writers Take #003

The Writers Take #003

Part of The Writers Take is the deep diving into the plot and writing of fan favorite movies and tv shows. I will preface that these takes are not considering the other aspects of production other than the writing. While we might comment on, or give praise to various components of a movie or show, the point of this is to give a clerical no holds bar reflection on the story and writing of the IP in question.

Oh yea, you know this because of my impromptu Spider-man post last week. But alas, I wasn’t going to edit this post down, just up.

With that said, let's dive into AVATAR 2: WAY OF THE WATER.

To ensure no one gets mad, there are obvious spoilers ahead, continue at your own risk!

Humanity’s back!!!

Avatar 2 is a visual masterpiece there is no denying that, a decade plus of engineering went into some of the most mind blowing CGI ever to exist… but the story has some major flaws I’d like to discuss.

For one, why have we abandoned unobtanium? We spent the entirety of Avatar 1 trying to take down the forest Navi and destroy their holy tree in an attempt to obtain the unobtanium. (PS: I won’t even comment on the naming convention there, but you know…)

So here we are, a decade or so later, and Jake Sully, the military expert is now a seasoned leader of the Navi with a family of his own. But instead of some new threat, instead of some interesting events, we get a plot that is identical to Avatar 1. The humans are coming back and they want the resources of Pandora. (Yawning).

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