The Writers Take #002

The Writers Take #002

Anyway, as I was saying, actually, before we get there I just wanted to call out that we normally pump these out from the brain factory every Tuesday, but since today is my birthday, we decided that we rather share this on my birthday as a present for you from a sarcastic me.

So I know you thought you were going to be brought into the world of Pandora this week, but I just saw Across The Spider-verse and HAD to make an audible this week. NEXT Week, we'll travel to Pandora, regardless of what Movies I watch this week (The Blackening, The Flash, Asteroid City…). Oh also, Silo on Apple. Just wow, well, almost-wow, let’s see how they wrap it up, ok right, Miles?

So if you haven’t seen Into The Spider-verse I'm unsure why you are subscribed to this newsletter, or maybe you're subscribed because you need to be told to see Into The Spider-verse, well this is me telling you to go see it, stop reading now, and do it. I’m serious, now.

Two hours and sixteen minutes later…

Wasn’t that freaking incredible!!!! The story, the departure from the status quo, the innovation in animation style, it was just magnificent. I would go as far as to say, it’s the best-animated film ever made. It's truly that good, (I know, you didn’t pause, and you just kept reading through, so why don’t you go watch it now.)

Anywho, we are here to talk about the follow-up, the sequel, the next iteration of Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy, in Across The Spider-verse, now, what I am about to go into both will spoil the film, and perhaps be a departure from the mainstream perspective of the film.


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