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New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Publisher Gungnir Hopes to Hit Its Target

New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Publisher Gungnir Hopes to Hit Its Target

Gungnir, a new sci-fi/fantasy publisher helmed by two comics veterans, will launch in April 2024.

In Norse mythology, Gungnir was the staff of the god Odin, which always hit its target. The name relates not only to the publisher’s sci-fi/fantasy orientation, the publisher said, but also to its ambition to foster a new creative ecosystem for writers and artists. The company has partnerships with Herø Projects, a creative studio headed by former Heavy Metal publisher Matthew Medney that will publish graphic novels through Gungnir, and Iconic Arts, a multimedia studio that will develop the properties for games, film, television, and more.

Gungnir plans to publish four to eight titles a year, primarily in the science fiction and fantasy categories, with a mix of graphic novels, prose novels, and art books. Distribution to the book channel is via Diamond Book Distributors, and Gungnir will publish digitally via and release audiobooks via Amazon’s Audible.

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