Utku Ozden
As an Illustrator and Graphic Designer with a rich history in the industry since 2008, I specialize in crafting compelling visual narratives across diverse mediums. With a global clientele spanning various industries, I've collaborated with clients worldwide, establishing a presence on renowned platforms. My work has garnered recognition in prestigious publications and websites such as Heavy Metal Magazine, Hero Projects, DeviantArt, CGSociety, CGGallery, Behance, and others. I've seamlessly adapted to the evolving design landscape, consistently broadening my scope and staying at the forefront of industry trends. I continue to elevate visual storytelling through my expertise in Character Design, Concept Art, and Graphic/UI Design. My portfolio boasts successful collaborations with major players in the video game and board game industry, as well as contributions to publications. Notably, I've ventured into the realm of NFT Art with featured pieces on platforms like Heavy Metal and crypto.com. Additionally, my involvement in numerous Kickstarter campaigns has contributed to several projects securing funding in the millions of dollars.
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