James Patrick
James Patrick is an award-winning writer who’s written books like Batman, Harley Quinn, Green Arrow, Star Trek, Angel, and Grimm Fairy Tales at companies like DC Comics, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Aftershock Comics, Zenescope, and more. He started by writing for Kevin Smith’s Movie Poop Shoot and independent books like Death Comes to Dillinger. His creator-owned work includes the critically-acclaimed Astronaut Down, Campisi: The Dragon Incident, Monsters of Jimmy Crumb, Hero Hourly, and the smash hit Kaiju Score and its sequel, Kaiju Score: Steal from the Gods, which is currently in production to be made into a major motion picture from Sony Pictures and Escape Artists. His proudest creations are his two kids, James and Cameron, and he lives with his two cats, Sophie and Archie.
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